The idea of the cabin arrived in a shared dream spanning three continents…

Tom was working in California logging trees to build shelters for the needy.  Faster and the Furiouser 17 had just been rejected by all major studios and starving movie producers were left starving.  Suddenly, he was struck by a vision as clear as an axe. It was an axe. He grasped and lifted it high and with one fell swoop, he toppled the tallest redwood, which fell into a perfectly formed log cabin.

At this precise moment, Luke lay belly down in the hot sands of the Australian outback.  As he took his last breath, he swore he saw the faint outline of a mob of kangaroos drinking cocktails and seeing how many pistachio shells they could fit in their pouches.  After finalising his ideas with God, they agreed he should be sent back to show the people his vision.  He immediately got to work building a bar out of anything he could find.  Mostly old doors and kangaroos’ knees, which he acquired by disguising himself as a Mojito.

At this precise moment Sparks climbed out of a blue cheese and invented wine.