We’re nearly there

Hi everyone, the booking system will be going live at midday today and we can’t wait to see you all again 😁
We will be opening the garden only from 5pm on Tuesday 13th and the opening hours and booking slots are as follows:
Tue 5-8pm 8-11pm
Wed 5-8pm 8-11pm
Thur 5-8pm 8-11pm
Fri 5-8pm 8-12am
Sat 2-5pm 5-8pm 8-12am
Sun 2-5pm 5-8pm
Please be aware, not all seating outside has heaters and those that do are not guaranteed to be working, the seating is undercover but may not be watertight in heavy downpours so dryness can not be guaranteed either. So dress accordingly !!!
See you soon my lovelies xx