What’s On?


Sunday 9th July 2017 – 4pm

Bill Boazman, John Hedgecock & Richard Sadler – These three gentleman form an outstanding acoustic roots trio providing old time country and blues for your eager ear-holes.  The talent is truly mesmerising. The best seats in the house will be auctioned on facebook – this money plus all tips taken at the bar will be donated to the NSPCC.

Sunday 6th August 2017 – 4pm

The Sepia Swing Show Twins – David Raphael and Nick Hyde form an incredibly talented harmonica/guitar duo playing some very cool old school blues.  Those of you who were here to see Bill Boazman and friends will have already witnessed Mr Raphael’s talent, so you know this is not to be missed.

Thursday 21st Sept 2017 – 8:30pm

Barry “The Fish” Melton & Stephane Missri – This one fell into our laps after another venue cancelled and we couldn’t turn it down.  Barry “The Fish” is considered one of the last living master guitarists from the SanFran 60s psychedelic era.  This guy played at Woodstock – need i say more!?  He’ll be accompanied by the very talented French guitarist, singer and banjo player Stephane Missri.  We’ve been quite lucky with this one, so make sure to get your butts down here.  We’ll post the start time ASAP.

Sunday 24th Sept 2017 – 4pm

Jim Hammond – Think Jerry Lee Lewis and you’ll be on the right lines.  This master of boogie-woogie piano will be accompanied by double bass and he will make you want to dance.  No doubt.  Check out this little jam video of him in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm26HH39a_c. You’re welcome!

Sunday 15th October – 4pm

Dave Peabody & Regina Mudrich – It’s an odd pairing, but man, does it work!  The superbly talented Dave Peabody on blues guitar and vocals will be accompanied by the classically trained violinist Regina Mudrich.  They present songs like Going to Germany and Muddy Water with Mudrich replacing the original harmonica melodies.  Here’s them at work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzrvUrzdzV0.

Sunday 29th October – 4pm

End Of Summer Open Mic – We’ve got our own PA system (finally), so we thought we’d see the summer off by giving local musicians and artists a platform to show off their skills.  We’re open to all kinds of acts, but bear in mind that children may be in the audience.  If you’re keen to show us what you’ve got then come down and ease people’s hallowe’en hangovers from 4pm and we’ll get you a slot to play.  Finishing time will depend on how much interest we have, but we’re happy to keep it going until closing time.

Sunday 5th November – 4pm

Kodiak Island (EP Release) – Psychedelic folk music from the Surrey/Hants/Berkshire borders!  Kodiak Island follow up their 2016 album ‘The Golden Section’ with the ‘Orange EP’ set for release on Oct 13th.  Come and support some awesome local talent at The Cabin.  Check out this link of their new instrumental track ‘Simplexity’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCl46T9ZamU (strings arranged by Mike Siddell, who has previously worked with Laura Marling).

Sunday 19th November – 4pm

The Sepia Swing Show Twins – We’ve had these guys in once before and they knocked it out the park! We’re more than happy to have them back and for those who saw them last time, prepare for more old-time blues, belting vocals and mind-blowing harmonica skills from Nick Hyde and Dave Raphael.

Sunday 10th December – 4pm

Robin Bibi and Guest – He’s a blues man.  He’s a rock’n’roll man.  He’s bloody awesome.  He’ll be accompanied by a special guest, so stay tuned for confirmation.